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smoked wood joinery

A wide range of products from the manufacturer

Are you looking for exclusive wooden joinery for your home? Buy them directly from the manufacturer! We have been making wooden joinery since 1991, and many years of experience allow us to create products that not only look great, but also ensure admirable durability. Check out our offer of joinery especially for your home now.

Our proprietary technology of smoking (modifying) wood with ammonia is one of the reasons why Drymar products look so perfect. This treatment allows you to obtain a unique color that resembles the colors of exotic species. All materials modified during the smoking process are properly ventilated and their humidity level (which may affect durability) is precisely measured, so there is no risk of deformation or damage.

Durability for years

The Drymar offer is a comprehensive set of proposals for your home. We have not only solid floors, but also skirting boards, wooden paving and palace parquets. All products are made of the highest quality smoked wood, which gives them a perfect look.

Photo by Paweł Szymański
Photo by Weronika Daniec

We produce exclusive wooden interior design elements that will work well in both private homes and public spaces. Check out our offer: layered floorboards, elegant kitchen countertops, wooden stairs. We also offer a wide selection semi-finished wood products (lamellas, veneer or furniture sawn timber), at attractive prices.