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It is easy to imagine any product whose edges have not been finished. The lack of lining on a skirt or trousers, the lack of a picture frame or a frame on a mobile phone make the item seem inelegant and devoid of aesthetics. In the case of floors, they play a similar role to frames and linings skirting boards. They not only "frame" the floor, but also create additional possibilities for its arrangement.

A wide range of colors

Wooden skirting boardsthat Drymar offers are available in a wide range of colors. A large selection of models allows you to create interesting combinations of floorboards and their finishing. They can be combined based on similarity or contrast, in which the difference in shades is slight or dramatic. The advantage of these products is also their attractiveness dinner, so they do not significantly increase the cost of the entire floor.

Smoked-colored skirting boards had a unique feature - they are dyed through, which means that their color is not only superficial. Thanks to this, if scratches or other damage occur in the future, the color of the strips remains intact. Moreover, considering that skirting boards are particularly vulnerable to mechanical damage, the fact that the exposed inner layer has the same shade as the outer layer is a big advantage. This makes smoked strips not only aesthetic, but also practical in long-term use.

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Durable material

Drymar offers its customers a complete set of elements that create an aesthetic wooden floor. Wooden skirting boards they are a natural and necessary element of their finishing. Made of solid wood or laminated boards, as well as glued strips are very durable and resistant to mechanical damage. Thanks to this, they maintain their impeccable appearance for as long as the entire floor. Manufacturer of skirting boards offers strips made of oak and other types of wood, so they can be matched to floorboards, wooden paving or mosaics.

The moldings give the room elegance

Baseboard it is a finishing element that, on the one hand, gives the floor elegance and, on the other hand, plays a practical role. Her assembly it allows you to cover the gaps between the edge of the parquet and the wall, eliminating the problem of dirt accumulating there. Skirting boards manufacturer Drymar offers many widths. This is an additional advantage that allows you to optically shape the interior space. For example high skirting board, the color matching the boards optically increases the floor surface, and the contrasting one will lower the wall in a high room. Wide skirting boards they will also allow you to hide installation cables and protect the wall against furniture impacts.