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Solid wood countertops They are the essence of traditional elegance in a modern kitchen. As they are made of solid boards of different widths glued together, they not only add functionality to kitchen spaces, but also give them a warm and natural character.

Countertop parameters

Thickness:40mm (standard)
Length:to 5500mm
Widths:to 1150mm

Other parameters:

  • Glued from solid boards of various widths
  • Standard classification: acceptable knots, cracks filled with resin

Additional options:

  • Possibility to select quality on special order
  • Possibility of finishing with oil-wax

Incredible durability for years

choosing solid wood countertop, you are investing in an extremely durable product. A properly impregnated solid wood countertop retains its beauty for many years, and its unique texture and grain pattern make it the center of attention in any kitchen.

Natural and elegant look of the kitchen

Solid wood countertops they reflect the beauty of nature in its purest form. Their unique colors and wood structure can both be a reference to traditional kitchens and fit perfectly with modern interiors. Additionally, at the customer's request, the edges of the countertop can be naturally irregular, adding an authentic character, or straight to match more contemporary arrangements.

Quality guarantee from the manufacturer

Drymar takes care of every detail in the production of solid wood countertops. Using the latest technologies and the experience of specialists, each countertop is assessed in terms of quality, structure and durability. Modern impregnation methods ensure durability and resistance to various external factors.

Attractive prices for solid wood countertops

When deciding on solid wood countertop, it is worth considering the offer of Drymar. Thanks to direct sales from the manufacturer, customers can count on competitive prices, without additional margins and fees. If you are looking for countertops that combine functionality with natural beauty, Drymar's offer will certainly meet your expectations.

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