CUBE geometric wooden floor


In the world of interior design, Cube-shaped floors are a real innovation. This modern, geometric pattern resembles cubic shapes woven into a harmonious composition, which gives the space depth and a dynamic character. Our Cube floors are a combination of unique style and perfection of workmanship. Using the highest quality wood and taking care of every, even the smallest, detail, we create floors that are not only visually stunning, but also extremely durable and functional.

Cube floors offer an endless range of arrangement possibilities. Combined with innovative processing and finishing technologies, our Cube floors are not only aesthetic, but also resistant to damage and easy to care for. If you want a floor that is as practical as it is impressive, and that allows you to express your individual style, our Cube floors are the perfect choice.

Parameters of the "Cube" geometric floorboard

Thickness:15 mm: 4mm oak top layer + 11mm plywood backing
20mm: 6mm oak top layer + 14mm plywood backing
Length:400-2600 mm
Widths:80 - 380 mm
Connection method:tongue and groove

Additional options:

  • Possibility to chamfer the edges for a more refined look (at no additional cost).
  • Length selection on special order.
  • Possibility of making a different thickness after consultation.

Cross-section of a sandwich board:

Cross-section of a DRYMAR layered floor board

The layered board in smoked colors has a unique feature - it is dyed through, which means that its color is not only superficial. Thanks to this, if we decide to sand the surface in the future, the color of the board remains intact! Moreover, any minor mechanical damage, such as scratches or dents, is less visible because the exposed inner layer has the same shade as the outer one. This makes the smoked board not only aesthetic, but also practical in long-term use.

Available colors of wooden boards with class division

Wood grade Select is an ideal choice for people who value aesthetics and elegance, because it is characterized by fewer knots and is more noble compared to other classes of wood:

Wood grade Rustic, with clearly visible knots and natural imperfections, is an ideal choice for rustic-style interiors, adding warmth and an authentic character:

Surface finishing

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Wooden skirting boards

Comprehensive solutions are our specialty. For each type of wooden floor in our offer, we offer skirting boards that literally and figuratively combine with it into a perfect whole. Find out more>.

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