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The table is not only the center of family life, but also a symbol of common conversations, eating and resting. This seemingly ordinary piece of furniture plays a key role in every home, so it is worth making sure that it is not only functional, but also unique and elegant. Drymar, as an expert in the production of monolithic tables, wants to provide you with a piece of furniture that perfectly suits your needs and tastes. Our offer includes tables made of one solid board, providing each of them with a unique character and uniqueness. We have over 300 pieces of lumber in stock, each intended to create a unique monolithic table.

Each table from Drymar is a work of craftsmanship, available with a variety of finishes and details that highlight its natural beauty. Customers can choose between space finished naturally and/ or smoked, which adds additional depth and character to the table. Additionally, we offer tables with straight edges, for those who prefer more modern and minimalist lines, and with natural edgesthat retain the original form and texture of the wood. By choosing a table from Drymar, you gain not only a piece of furniture, but also a unique element of interior design.

Thickness:40 - 100mm
Length:to 6000mm
Widths:to 1400mm
Each lumber used by Drymar to produce monolithic tables is unique, which makes each table a unique work of art. That's why in the process of choosing the perfect table for you, it all comes down to individual arrangements and preferences.

Additional options:

  • Possibility to make table extensions

Exclusive monolithic tables - the essence of nature in your home

If you want the table in your home to be not only functional, but also unique, choose monolithic tables. Made of one piece of wood, these tables delight with their simplicity and at the same time uniqueness. As a manufacturer of monolithic tables, we guarantee that each piece of furniture is unique, reflecting the natural beauty and structure of wood. In our offer, we offer the option of choosing between naturally irregular edges and straight edges, so you can adapt the table to your individual style.

Tables made of one piece of wood - authenticity in its pure form

Monolithic tables are a real treat for lovers of natural solutions. Regardless of whether you prefer traditional shapes or modern forms, a table made of one piece of wood will always look extremely elegant. Thanks to the monolithic technique, each table is unique and has its own unique character. At the customer's request, we offer tables with naturally irregular edges that emphasize the authenticity of the material, or with straight edges for a more modern and minimalist effect.

We cordially invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer of tables, coffee tables and wooden benches. We are sure that everyone will find something for themselves among our offers. By choosing a monolithic table from Drymar, you gain not only a unique piece of furniture, but also a guarantee of quality and durability for years.

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