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Glued countertops for micro-joining

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Glued kitchen countertops micro-joined is a combination of tradition and modernity in kitchen design. Made of many wooden elements connected together with glue, these countertops become a place where meals are prepared and various everyday items are placed. Thanks to their structure, glued countertops add not only functionality to the kitchen, but also style and class.

Countertop parameters

Thickness:40mm (standard)
Length:to 5500mm
Widths:to 1150mm

Parameters of the elements from which the countertops are glued

Thickness:40mm (standard)
Length:150-600 mm
Widths:approx. 40mm

Additional options:

  • Possibility of finishing with oil-wax

Durability for years

When we decide to glued wooden top, it is worth remembering its specific structure. Although it consists of many boards, when properly protected, it is resistant to moisture, high temperatures and sharp objects. Impregnation makes the glued countertop extremely durable and resistant to damage. Properly impregnated and made of good quality wood, a glued countertop will please the eye for many years, giving the interior a unique atmosphere, regardless of the chosen kitchen style.

Exclusive look of your kitchen

Glued countertops are real works of art. Thanks to the variety of available wood species and their colors, each countertop is unique. It can be a reference to tradition and also fit perfectly into modern interiors. The flexibility of wood allows you to create countertops of various shapes, not only rectangular ones.

Quality guarantee from the manufacturer

Specialists from Drymar ensure that each glued countertop is made of the highest quality wood. Thanks to modern machinery and extensive experience, each element is carefully assessed and selected to meet the highest quality standards.

Competitive prices for glued countertops

Choice glued wooden countertops it's an investment for years. At Drymar, thanks to direct sales from the manufacturer, you can count on attractive prices, without additional margins. If you dream of a unique and durable glued countertop, Drymar's offer will certainly convince you to purchase it.

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