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Worktops are an important element in the arrangement of this room. First of all, they must be functional, because meals for the whole family are prepared on them every day. They are also often used to place small household appliances, herbs in pots or other kitchen accessories. On the other hand, countertops are the culmination of a furniture set and determine their style, attractiveness and design of the entire kitchen.

Durable material for years

Choosing a kitchen countertop requires careful consideration, as this element of equipment is particularly exposed to various destructive factors. Moisture, hot dishes, sharp cutlery and cleaning with chemicals require high resistance and appropriate surface coverage. Properly impregnated Blat wood meets all these requirements, so it can be a real decoration of the kitchen for many years. On the other hand laminated worktops: made of smoked oak wood can add a stylish atmosphere to the interior or emphasize its modernity. We also use proven construction elements that guarantee the stability of the tabletop. We make countertops from smoked oak wood using various methods: using wedge joints (micro-joints), from solid wood, paved. Each countertop is prepared to a specific size.

Your kitchen will look exclusive

Among the materials currently available wooden kitchen countertops They are distinguished by their unique elegance and friendly, warm character. Thanks to various colors and wood species, they can be a reference to grandma's rustic kitchen, remembered from childhood, or they will perfectly match modern furniture and accessories. Additional possibilities are created by the ease of cutting and shaping wood. Thanks to this wooden table top it does not have to be rectangular, but can be given wavy or arched shapes. Made of oak wood exclusive kitchen countertops They will certainly change the face of any kitchen.

Professional service from the manufacturer

Manufacturer of kitchen countertops Drymar selects the best quality oak wood to produce these equipment elements, which perfectly withstands the test of time. Each piece is assessed for structure, knots, cracks and other material defects to eliminate any weaknesses in the countertop. Durability is also determined by impregnation, thanks to which the material does not absorb moisture and is resistant to biological factors. Wooden kitchen countertops are created under the supervision of specialists who have at their disposal modern machinery and are guided by experience.

Attractive prices for kitchen countertops

If he decides to go to his kitchen wooden countertop price will certainly be one of the most important factors. When ordering kitchen countertops from Drymar, you can count on much more attractive conditions. The manufacturer offers its products without commercial margins and other unnecessary costs. You are interested in beautiful and durable oak countertop? PriceThe price you pay for it will certainly not discourage you from purchasing it.