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The table top is like a canvas for an artist - it is the center where emotions, conversations and shared moments are concentrated. That's why it's so important to choose the perfect table, which will be not only practical, but also aesthetic. The Drymar company, specializing in the production of paved tables, offers solutions that combine tradition with modernity, taking care of every detail.

Thickness:20-80 mm
Length:to 3400mm
Widths:to 1150mm

Other parameters:

  • Top, bottom, sides – oak veneer, 4-10 mm thick
  • Core – finger-jointed smoked oak veneer
  • Only straight edges

Exclusive upholstered tables – elegance and functionality in one

If you want the table in your home to be not only practical, but also aesthetically refined, lined tables are an excellent choice. Tiling is a technique of covering the table surface with a special layer that gives it a unique look and additional durability. Thanks to this, as a manufacturer of upholstered tables, we are able to offer furniture with various textures and colors that are also durable and resistant to everyday use.

Wood grade Select is an ideal choice for people who value aesthetics and elegance, because it is characterized by fewer knots and is more noble compared to other classes of wood:

Wood grade Rustic, with clearly visible knots and natural imperfections, is an ideal choice for rustic-style interiors, adding warmth and an authentic character:

Tables with lining – a combination of tradition and modernity

Our offer of upholstered tables is a tribute to traditional craft techniques combined with modern design. Regardless of whether you are looking for a retro-style table or prefer more contemporary solutions, our veneered tables will meet your expectations. Each table is made with the greatest attention to detail, and thanks to the variety of available covers, you can choose a model that perfectly fits your interior.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer. Among our proposals, everyone will find something for themselves - from covered tables for lovers of classics, to modern models for those who value fresh and original solutions. By choosing a table from Drymar, you receive a top-quality product that will serve you for years.

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