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In the world of modern interior design, we increasingly return to our roots, appreciating natural raw materials. Wood has been associated with warmth, durability and elegance for centuries. That's why we proudly present our wooden wall slats, which bring a unique atmosphere and character to the interior.

Parameters of a single lamella

The cross-section and length are made to order.

Thickness:to 50mm
Widths:to 60mm
Length:to 3200mm

Why choose our wooden wall slats?

  1. Naturalness and authenticity – each lamella has an individual pattern, color and texture, which means that no part of the wall is identical.
  2. Ecological approach – we use wood from legal sources, caring for the environment and sustainable development.
  3. Durability and resistance – thanks to innovative wood smoking, it not only gives the wood exotic colors, but also provides protection against distortions. The lamellas we smoke are durable, resistant and ecologically safe.
  4. Versatility – wooden wall slats work great in various interior styles, from Scandinavian to industrial.

Available colours Select:

Wide range of applications Regardless of whether you want to emphasize the character of a modern space or introduce a note of rustic elegance into the interior, our wooden wall slats will be the perfect solution. They fit perfectly in the living room, bedroom and office. They can also be used in commercial spaces such as restaurants, hotels and cafes.

Please do not hesitate to contact us If you would like to learn more about our wooden wall lamellas or place an order, please contact us. We are convinced that our products will bring natural beauty, warmth and unique style to your interior.

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